Free credit card: things you need to know about it

by Admin | January 14, 2023
Free credit card: things you need to know about it

Nowadays, credit cards are no longer a luxury, but affordable for everyone. This is particularly evident in the comparison on this page. Because here we present you exclusively free credit cards. These cards are free in the sense that there are no annual fees or ongoing basic fees. In some cases, the free credit cards presented here are even coupled with a free checking account.

Of course, free credit cards have a small catch: they are not really 100% free. If you want to withdraw cash, use the card to pay in stores, pay online with it or use it abroad: Fees can be charged on all of these transactions with supposedly free credit cards. Since your credit institution does not receive a basic fee for these payment services, they try to cover the costs in this way.

For which situations is a free credit card most suitable?

As a second or third card for newcomers

Primarily as an infrequently used payment method, for example, if you rarely need a rental car or want to shop online, etc.


What do I need to consider when it comes to free credit cards?

Free credit cards are especially beneficial to customers if they are not used too frequently. Depending on the fee structure, the break-even point of a free credit card can be calculated. That is, the point at which a flat fee for the credit card is less than the accumulated fees of all transactions.

Figuring this out exactly for each credit card is very idle and impractical. However, it is a good start if you can already roughly estimate the purposes for which you need the card. Is it about financial flexibility abroad? Do you want to be able to pay on the Internet (also at foreign stores) without any problems? Do you have an event coming up, such as a vacation or a rental car booking? For all these questions, you can use our own calculator to calculate and compare credit card fees.

So if you can answer the question about how you will use a credit card, you can also estimate approximately how much money you will move and how often the credit card will be used. Based on these considerations, pick the most suitable no-fee credit card. You can find all the details about the no-fee credit cards in the comparison above.

Our advice before purchasing a free credit card

Based on these considerations, we recommend the following: If you belong to the above-mentioned target groups, you can start with a free credit card with a clear conscience. Observe your usage habits over the course of the year. You may find that paying with this free credit card is becoming more and more natural and that the use of the card is therefore increasing. Keep your credit card statements. Set a date on the calendar in about 8 months. Then roll over the fee situation and try to estimate the remaining four months of the year.

If it turns out that you did have to come up with a certain amount for the usage fees, you can look for an alternative among non-free credit cards in our credit card comparison. Choose the offer that appeals to you the most and cancel your old card. Your notice period should still be honored then.

Compare free credit cards

The comparison above shows you the most important conditions of the presented no-fee credit cards at a glance. Since the basic fees are waived for all free cards, the main focus should be on the usage fees such as cash withdrawal fees and foreign usage fees. The debit interest rate, in combination with the interest-free payment term, also represents an important comparison criterion.


Apply for a free credit card

To apply for a free credit card from our comparison, simply click on the "Card application" link belonging to the card. The "Details" link will take you directly to the details page of the selected credit card, where you will find all conditions and a detailed test.

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