Is travel insurance useful?

by Admin | January 14, 2023
Is travel insurance useful?

Aborting the journey

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If a trip that has already begun cannot be completed as planned, this is a trip interruption. Insurance coverage is provided only for events, especially illnesses, that occur unexpectedly after the insurance has been taken out and after the trip has started. The group of persons who can trigger the insured event corresponds to that of the travel cancellation insurance. The reasons for trip interruption are specified in the insurance conditions.


The reasons for trip abortions are

You or a person at risk unexpectedly fall seriously ill. Therefore, you cannot reasonably be expected to complete the trip as scheduled.

An illness is unexpected if:

  • it occurs for the first time after the start of the trip or
  • an existing illness has not been treated in the six months prior to the start of the trip and worsens after the start of the trip.
    The relapse or worsening of a chronic mental illness is covered if the last treatment took place at least three years before the start of the trip.
    Regular check-ups or preventive examinations are not treatment. They do not affect insurance coverage.

An illness is severe if the health impairment is so severe that the trip cannot be carried out as planned or, in the case of risk persons not traveling with you, your presence is required.
This must be certified by a doctor before the trip is cancelled.

We will also pay if any of the following events occur unexpectedly. The event affects you or a person at risk and makes it unreasonable for you to complete the trip as scheduled.

  • death
  • serious accidental injury
  • pregnancy
  • rupture of prosthetic devices and loosening of implanted joints
  • failure of an implanted pacemaker
  • Appointment to donate or receive organs and tissues (living donation) in accordance with the Transplantation Act
  • Damage to property due to: Fire, explosion, storm, lightning, flood, earthquake, burst water pipe or intentional criminal act of a third party. You must be on site to resolve or the damage is substantial. The damage is considered substantial if the amount of damage exceeds € 2,500.
  • Termination for operational reasons
  • commencement of an employment or training relationship (employment subject to social security contributions with at least 15 hours per week)
    change of employer

Presentation of suitable documents

The occurrence of one of the events listed above must be proven in the event of an insured event by submitting suitable documents (e.g. medical certificate, death certificate, employer's certificate, copy of employment contract, etc.).

The following documents must be submitted in the event of interruption of the trip: confirmation of the trip, proof of insurance, proof of the occurrence of the insured event, statement from the tour operator for the unused services, receipts for additional return travel costs.


Closing period

The maximum period of time between booking a trip and taking out the corresponding insurance policy.
In the case of travel cancellation insurance and packages with travel cancellation insurance, the conclusion should take place with the travel booking; a later conclusion is possible up to 30 days before the start of the trip. For travel bookings made 29 days or more before departure, the insurance must be taken out immediately, at the latest within the next 3 days after booking.
Incoming insurance must be taken out within the first two days of entry at the latest. Copies of the entry documents, the airline tickets or travel tickets must be presented as proof of entry. Please note that insurance cover ends automatically upon establishment of permanent residence in the → area of validity.
For all other travel insurance policies, conclusion is possible until the day of departure. After departure, it is no longer possible to take out insurance.

For building block bookings, the regular closing deadlines apply. For building block tours, we therefore recommend that you take out insurance for the anticipated travel price when booking the first building block. Should the travel price increase after confirmation of the last building block, the insurance can be adjusted to the higher travel price.

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